Conversion Rate Optimisation – CRO


Conversion Rate Optimisation – Turning Traffic Into Sales

Conversion Rate Optimisation just means you want a higher revenue or more returning traffic. In general a more easily usable and understandable website will achieve a higher conversion rate.  And also if people have a more positive feeling about your website, they will be more willing to buy or subscribe.

Our conversion rate optimisation involves:

Page Analysis

We find out were your traffic is going.  For example your homepage should not be showing up for your different products & services.  Each service & products needs its own landing page. Users need to find what they are looking for immediately.


We keep these to a minimum, makes sure they stand out and match the intent of the landing page the user has come across.

Visual Distractions

We make sure users eyes will be focused on what will turn them into a customer.

Landing Pages 

We make sure the landing pages are clear and give the user the information they required when they performed the search in the first please. Naturally this will lead to more conversions.

Positive Re-Enforcement

We can add elements to your landing pages that will establish trust with the user for example testimonials.

Conversion Rate Optimisation increases the percentage of your website visitors who turn into leads and return to your website.