Search Engine Optimisation – SEO


Google Number 1 - Click Through Rate

30-40% of people will click on number 1


Google Number 5 - Click Through Rate

3-6% of people will click on number 5

The Benefits of SEO for your business

Chances are, if you are a typical Google searcher.  The first page is the first and last page you look at when you search a word or phrase.
For businesses, it is vital that your business gets high Google rankings because that leads to improvements in the following areas:

Profitability – Businesses on top of searches experience significantly increased profitability, over those not listed on Page 1
Reputation – Businesses present on top of searches are considered more reputable, than others located on subsequent pages
Digital Footprint – The right SEO solutions expand your brand throughout the digital marketplace due to presence on Page 1
Local Exposure – Typically, most of your customers are within a half-hour’s drive from your business.  Having the right SEO solutions positions your company as your local area leader

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We use competitor analysis and keyword research tools to plan an effective SEO strategy.   This will help drive important traffic to your business.

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