Local Businesses, Google, Smart Phones & Tablets

Local Businesses Google, Smart Phones & Tablets

Smartphones are personalized devices that are used by most modern people. The fact that millions of people are carrying these devices almost all of the time is very important when it comes to marketing. This relatively new marketing channel allows simple, two-way communication between consumers and brands regardless of the time of the day and the location of the consumer. In addition, by getting access to a suitable database of proven consumers, there are some really great opportunities for targeted marketing and advertising. On top of that mobile marketing is much cheaper and easy when it comes to implementation and analysis of the results.

What is interesting is that the number of Internet users that are using their smartphones and mobile devices to search for local businesses is growing too. Instead of using Google on their desktop computer or laptop, they use their smartphones. In other words, mobile marketing and mobile devices in general have become an integral part of local search engine optimization (SEO). Now let’s see what makes mobile investments smart when we talk about local businesses.

Instead of discussing theories, we will comment some official stats related to Google, smartphones and local businesses.

1. The massive use of mobile devices


According to the official statistics, shared by GlobalWebIndex 2015 Q3 Report, eight out of 10 adult Internet users have a smartphone and nearly half of them have a tablet. Experts agree that this trend will continue in the near future too.

In addition, Google has published a survey that shows that more than 80% of smartphone owners are not going outside of their home without their favourite device.

2. The number of conducted mobile searches is increasing


Nearly 60% of online traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. This is especially true for the developed countries like the UK, Japan and US where this percentage is even higher and this fact was confirmed by Google's Official Blog. In two years, more than 200 million Internet users will use their mobile devices as a primary tool for online search.

3. Local businesses can benefit the most from mobile users


Four out of ten mobile users perform at least one search each month for a local business. This is exactly why mobile marketing is important. Additionally, the vast majority of mobile users looking for information about services and products are looking for a business that is less than 5 miles away from their current location.

4. Mobile users are showing interest in all businesses


Official data shows that mobile users use their devices to look for all kinds of local businesses. However, it is worth mentioning that cafes and restaurants, general shops and dentists and doctors are the most sought-after.

5. Users are looking for addresses, directions etc.


More than half of mobile users believe that information that shows the exact address of the local business that they are interested in is the most important one followed by map and driving directions, opening hours and contact. In other words, if you want to get the most from your online presence you should provide fast access to this information to mobile users.

6. Work on mobile optimization


More than 60% of consumers that use mobile devices will probably contact a local business in case they have a website that’s optimized for mobile devices – responsive design. According to BrightLocal Mobile Consumer Survey conducted in 2015, 4 out of 10 consumers have positive feelings for local businesses with mobile-friendly websites.

7. Mobile users tend to buy things online


Online shopping is an activity that is increasing each year, but in the last few years we have witnessed a new trend – many of the online purchases are conducted via mobile devices. Nearly 80% of mobile searches for local business end in a purchase. About 70% of these users will take some action while they are using their device.

8. Mobile searches result in offline purchases too


Many mobile users use their mobile device to get more info about certain products and services offered by local businesses before they visit their stores.

As you can see, mobile marketing and good online mobile presence is very important for local businesses. On top of that, Google ranks websites with responsive design (mobile-friendly design) better in the search engine results. With the help of experienced web developers, designers and search engine marketers you will be able to get the most from mobile users’ activity. If your business is based in Northern Ireland and you need some of the aforementioned services, you can always count on Peninsula Web Solutions.